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May 2015

Thee Months To Go

Sunday, 24 May 2015

There are three month to pass before we set off on this next adventure, an age you would think. But all is not as it appears. As well as organising for this cruise/tour we are selling the house and moving.

About a month ago we took the plunge and entered into an agreement with RSL LifeCare to occupy a 2 bedroom villa in their Coral Park village in Page, a suburb of Canberra. We were fortunate in finding a willing buyer for the house and they have been very accommodating with regard the timing of the move. The plan is for us to occupy our new place about mid July.

Because the villa is so much smaller than our present house there has been a need for a dramatic reduction in both the amount and the size of the furniture and other possessions. We've managed to unload a lot of stuff at a garage sale and by many donations to the local Charity Shops. There have also been many visits to the local transfer station where accumulated 'stuff' has been disposed of.

We are fortunate that the new owner is happy to take over the bulk of our furniture. We looked at the possibility of selling it and found it difficult to even give it away. There's a limit to what the local charity will accept and there's no used furniture store in the area. From new lounge chairs to dinning table and bedroom furniture we've had to buy replacements on a smaller scale.

The bulk of the downsize work is now complete but there is still a significant collection of 'things' that are too good to throw out but can't be sold or given away. More trips to the transfer station appear to be in order.

So that's all taken a big chunk out of our preparation time, just as well we started early.

The primary focus of this cruise/tour is Alaska but there is also a transit of the Panama Canal all this packed into just over six weeks. To avoid the impact of the long-haul flight we are spending some time in Honolulu both on the way over and back. The Alaska portion comprises an eight-day land package staying in Princess's Wilderness Lodges followed by a seven-day cruise to Vancouver. We stay aboard for the repositioning cruise from Vancouver to Fort Lauderdale. From there we fly back to Canberra via Honolulu, Auckland and Melbourne.

Below is the day by day Itinerary

If you want to look at what I've been up to you can view my latest photo by following this link to my main album

Wishing you good health and safe travel.
Have a great day and stay well.
Cheers .. Tony

WED 26-Aug-15 Fly from CBR to Honolulu
THU 27-Aug-15 Honolulu
FRI 28-Aug-15 Honolulu
SAT 29-Aug-15 Honolulu to Anchorage
SUN 30-Aug-15 Anchorage
MON 31-Aug-15 Anchorage to Fairbanks
TUE 1-Sep-15 Fairbanks Wilderness Lodge
WED 2-Sep-15 Fairbanks
THU 3-Sep-15 Danali Wilderness Lodge
FRI 4-Sep-15 Danali
SAT 5-Sep-15 Copper Creek Copper River Lodge
SUN 6-Sep-15 Copper Creek
MON 7-Sep-15 Kenai Kenai Lodge
TUE 8-Sep-15 Kenai Kenai Lodge
WED 9-Sep-15Whittier Board Coral Princess
THU 10-Sep-15 Hubbard Glacier
FRI 11-Sep-15 Glacier Bay
SAT 12-Sep-15 Skagway 07:00 20:30
SUN 13-Sep-15 Juneau 06:30 16:00
MON 14-Sep-15 Ketchikan 10:00 18:00
TUE 15-Sep-15 At Sea
WED 16-Sep-15 Vancouver 07:30 16:30
THU 17-Sep-15 Victoria 08:00 20:00
FRI 18-Sep-15 Seattle 07:00 16:00
SAT 19-Sep-15 Astoria 10:00 18:00
SUN 20-Sep-15 At Sea
MON 21-Sep-15 San Francisco 07:00 23:00
TUE 22-Sep-15 At Sea
WED 23-Sep-15 Los Angeles 07:00 16:00
THU 24-Sep-15 At Sea
FRI 25-Sep-15 At Sea
SAT 26-Sep-15 Cabo San Lucas 07:00 17:00
SUN 27-Sep-15 At Sea
MON 28-Sep-15 At Sea
TUE 29-Sep-15 At Sea
WED 30-Sep-15 San Juan Del Sur 07:00 18:00
THU 1-Oct-15 Puntarenas 07:00 19:00
FRI 2-Oct-15 At Sea
SAT 3-Oct-15 Panama Canal 06:00 16:30
SUN 4-Oct-15 Cartagena 08:00 14:00
MON 5-Oct-15 Aruba 13:00 19:00
TUE 6-Oct-15 At Sea
WED 7-Oct-15 At Sea
THU 8-Oct-15 Fort Lauderdale
FRI 9-Oct-15 Fort Lauderdale to Honolulu
SAT 10-Oct-15 Honolulu
SUN 11-Oct-15 Honolulu
MON 12-Oct-15 Honolulu to Auckland and on to Canberra
TUE 13-Oct-15 International Date Line
WED 14-Oct-15 Canberra

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